Yardi: An Overview of Software for Property Management

You have several hats to wear if you own or operate a multiple property. The amount of effort spent manually handling maintenance requests, collecting paper rent checks, or advertising unoccupied units can all slow down business growth. Choosing the appropriate property management software is one of the simplest methods to organise and manage the enormous task. Yardi is at the top of the list of the best real estate software suppliers. A range of services from Yardi are available to make property management easier.

What is Yardi used for?

Although Yardi's primary function is as an accounting platform, it also provides a number of extra optional services that can be added to complete your property management jigsaw. The "backbone" of accounting can be integrated with optional extras to meet a variety of operational demands, including:

• Rent payments accepted online
• evaluating potential tenants
• Keeping track of calendar tasks like tour dates and lease expirations.
• Email and SMS messaging for inhabitants
• Using online leasing and marketing strategies to increase internet search visibility
• tracking more complex topics, such as building projects, remodelling initiatives, and other business intelligence

Do mandates for staying at home affect your ability to run your business? The time is now to use a programme like Yardi to handle your property management software requirements.

Yardi streamlines property management from straightforward activities to more complex efforts so your employees can concentrate on expanding your business rather than getting bogged down in minutiae and labor-intensive administrative work.

Select the appropriate Product Tier for your team.

Breeze, Breeze Premier, and Voyager are the three product tiers offered by Yardi. These three "tiers" were created to fulfil various operational needs, although there are some significant variances between them.

Breeze and Breeze Premier: what are they?

Breeze and Breeze Premier are offered for building owners and operators looking for a straightforward software solution if you're looking for something compact and simple to use. Breeze delivers an intuitive, "refreshingly easy" user experience and is packed with out-of-the-box capabilities so you can start using it right away.

Describe Voyager

The most capable tier, Yardi Voyager, should be suitable for individuals who manage multiple multifamily units and require a comprehensive platform that integrates the entire portfolio. The most advanced option, Voyager, offers a few unique features, including fiscal management, building planning, SEO and pay-per-click advertising support are examples of cutting-edge online marketing solutions.

This version allows you to completely personalise it, providing you unmatched control over the logistic, economic, renting, and servicing aspects of your whole fleet.

With what may Yardi be integrated?

The ecosystem contains more than 250 interfaces that you can quickly "plug in" to use Yardi Voyager, the top-tier product. Utilize "APIs," a technology that makes it simple for two programmes from different suppliers to communicate with one another, to simply modify your experience. The "Pay with PayPal" button you see on various web shopping carts is supported by an API. When restaurant chains and other companies use an online Google Map to show their location, you've also seen APIs in action. You may immediately add a tonne of features to your Yardi experience using the same technology.

What additional advantages come with utilising Yardi?


Yardi makes it simple for you to update your software selection as your company grows. Since you are not restricted to a particular platform, you may quickly transfer your data to a Voyager upgrade when your demands outgrow Breeze.


Starting at a reasonable price of $1 to $2 a month, Yardi and Yardi Breeze make it simple to get going right away. Voyager's extensive customizability causes prices to vary based on the services you choose. This makes it simple for you to choose a cost-effective plan that meets your portfolio's requirements.


A few plugins, like utility invoicing and service request tracking, are available with Yardi Breeze Premier. Voyager is the company to use if you want complete customisation and access to their collection of numbers of API add-ons.

You have the freedom to concentrate more on what truly matters—getting new residents and taking care of your present tenants—by having a strong property management system. Yardi gives you unmatched control and insight into your property portfolio, whether you need to merely cover the essentials with Yardi Breeze or require a robust solution like Yardi Voyager.