Accounts Payable

Arna offers dedicated finance and accounting services to help clients grow, manage and scale their finance and accounting operations. It provides Accounts Payable (AP) services using automated processes and workflow management and reporting tools that cut down discrepancies while affording improved financial control and healthier profits. With the correct blend of processes, procedures and technology, VeeFnA creates a modular approach in AP management.

Its AP solution consists of an integrated suite of services that streamline, automate and web-enable accounts payable functions.

Accounts Payable Services We Offer

Our receivables management services ensure that your accounts payable timeline is decreased by ensuring that the invoices are approved within a short span of time and you have legally compliant documents and audit reports at all times.

Our end to end integration ensures that you would be able to see future expenses and we will work with you to ensure that you have the finances to pay it on time. If you are still not sure how we would be an added advantage to you, give us a call.

Invoice imaging and storing

Invoice approval

Expense allocation

Online payment approval

Check processing

Handling of vendor inquiries